Rear axle spacers tolerances

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10/10/2018 9:48 AM

I am having someone make some new axle spacers for an older Excel hub for a friends 2000 KX250. Parts are no longer available. Yes I called Excel directly.

Inside these hubs the inner bearing races ride on the axle spacer, not directly on the axle.
The sprocket side spacer got chewed in half due to lack of maintenance.

How tight do the spacers need to be on the axles?
The one good spacer has a bit of slop, but I'm not sure how much that matters once the axle nut squishes everything together.

Those 2 pieces should be one piece which the 2 sprocket side bearings ride on.Photo

Anyhow how critical are the tolerances when making spacers like these?


10/10/2018 10:10 AM

Ive been a tool and die designer for 5 years. I deal with fitment quite a bit. In my opinion i would make your spacer ID +.003” to +.005” bigger than your axle OD. You want it to slip onto the axle but not wobble much at all. You could even make your ID +.002” and just ream it out until you get a good fit. Just remember the less wobble the more life youll get out of it.