RMZ Suspension Swap?

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1/13/2018 5:09 AM

I'm looking to upgrade my 2016 RMZ250's suspension. I have a killer deal on some new suspension but it is off of a 2016 RMZ450. My question is, will the forks and shock swap with no issues? I would just hate to buy this suspension then have it not fit.


1/15/2018 12:37 AM

I'm 99% sure the shock will fit. The RMZ250 and RMZ450 shocks are the same length. The Showa is a little lower profile than the KYB from your RMZ250 so I don't think clearance would be an issue either.

With regards to the forks you will need to compare fork diameters. The 250 and 450 use the same front wheel/axle/spacers etc so you shouldn't have any issue there. Of the top of my head the 16 RMZ450 SFF TAC fork measures 55.5mm at the upper clamp and 59.5mm at the lower clamp. But I can confirm this later.

What suspension are you getting from the 450? Is it stock? Modified or standard?