RMZ-250 exhaust question??

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5/29/2018 4:28 PM

I am puzzled.

I own a 2016 RM-Z250, no major mods done to it. I bought my wife a 2017 RM-Z250, didnt look like it had been moded.

Rode them back to back. Her exhaust note is way deeper then mine. Also the muffler end cap hole on the 2017 is 3.5cm, and 3.0cm on the 2016.

Parts number are the same on every website i can look up parts.

Would it be a 450 muffler? Shape wise they look similar, no brand name tag on it either.

When i put a light in the muffler i can see the baffles in the 2017 but the 2016 have been removed. Seems like the 2017 is more throttle responsive.

Can anyone help on this? Im puzzled. I think ill try to switch the mufflers to see if there is any gain/loss/difference with my butt dyno


2002 KX125 (SOLD)/2001 KX250 (SOLD)
1999 KX250 (SOLD)
2016 RM-Z250(SOLD)
2018 KTM 150XC-W(current)