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8/16/2017 3:07 AM

Hi guys, I read in this very forum Suzuki recommend this NGK plug due to certain vibration the RM makes that can cause the plug tip to break off?

Is it worth spending out on this plug or get a cheaper plug and charge it out 4/5 times per season?



8/16/2017 7:03 AM

Ngk all day everyday. smile
It's not a huge price difference..


8/16/2017 9:00 AM

Should keep a fresh plug in anyways. But i wouldnt stray from ngk.


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8/16/2017 9:54 AM

Get the oem spec plug.

The ignition is hot on the rm125, factor in crap modern fuel. The ground strap falls off in short time and ruins your engine.

$20 plug, or $500 rebuild?


8/16/2017 10:14 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/16/2017 10:15 AM

It breaks off the tip because when the power valve opens it creates a sonic shockwave that destroys the tip. That's what suzuki claimed in an article I read about my 97 rm250.


8/16/2017 11:05 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/16/2017 11:07 AM

That's what I read about the '94 RM125 I had, as well. I ran a good ol' BR9EG instead and had no problems. Then again, I've never been a revver and I changed the plug quite often.
It's less risky to run the right plug.


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8/16/2017 12:46 PM

I bought the expensive plugs when I had my 03, worth it.


8/16/2017 3:08 PM

I wasn't running a BR10EG on my 04, and grounding strap failed within 3 hours. I know I'll be running the R6918B-8 from now on... it's a harmonic issue with standard plugs. Chili had a great response posted in a previous forum regarding this issue.


8/16/2017 4:33 PM

Ok sold!! Thanks guys I'll get one ordered up, appreciate the responses, glad it's just not Suzuki hype and the plug is a good option for the RM engine


8/17/2017 4:37 AM

You have done the right thing by buying the OEM spec spark plug. I have a fair bit of experience with RM125 and 144 engines and always run the recommended plug. A friend of mine ignored my advice and ran a regular one (a BR9EG or something like that). The plug worked its way loose on a couple of occasions and popped out of the head. Finally he bought the correct plug and hasn't had a problem since. The vibration/resonance issue is real, and using the incorrect plug to save $20 is just not worth the risk.


8/17/2017 8:23 AM

I would buy it their plugs are very nice


8/18/2017 1:48 AM

Run the NGk Or Denso equivalent, but the Denso is by far a much better plug in every application.


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