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11/19/2018 1:21 AM

Time to change the chain... Stock chain on my KTM was Regina GPXV and lasted 110 hours so I thought buying it again but I see now that DID ERT2 is half the price and supposedly also a very good chain.

What are your thoughts?


11/19/2018 8:52 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/20/2018 10:22 AM

I literally just bought a chain/sprockets last night and it's the first time in years I didn't buy a DID ert2, those chains are great. I don't have much experience with Regina other than my stock KTM setups.

I got 26 hours on my stock 250sx chain/sprockets and the rear was basically about to shed teeth.


11/19/2018 11:09 AM

The last ERT2 chains I bought didn't last long at all. They now have replaced it with an ERT3, so I'll have to try another one. I will say that you will NOT get 100+ hours out of a non-sealed chain.


Take it to the limit, one more time!

11/19/2018 7:11 PM

100 hours on a chain holy shit that’s a first for me to hear, I’m lucky to get 30 hours out of one lol, I don’t push it on them either and I don’t run oring chains but still dang.


11/20/2018 10:15 AM

I have been running the RK gbmxu sealed oring chain on all my bikes.for about 5 years is very thin so it fits MX bikes no problem, after initial stretch it does not stretch much after. Much quieter than non oring. I get about 25-30 hrs On my 450, a little longer on smaller bikes.


11/21/2018 4:44 AM

Is it a good idea leaving a link more in the chain and moving the real wheel further back? I have a 48 spring and weigh 190 pounds....thinking I will soften the rear with this. Will the handling be much worse with longer wheel base?


11/21/2018 5:11 AM

greg570 wrote:

Is it a good idea leaving a link more in the chain and moving the real wheel further back? I have a 48 spring and weigh 190 ...more

On my KTM I like running the wheel farther back. I like the stability it adds.


11/21/2018 6:06 AM

On a 09 yz250f i had i had to keep the wheel forward. If it was adjusted half way or more back id lose the front end randomly in corners. That change really blew my mijd as i normally cant feel stuff like that but was a big difference.


11/25/2018 11:12 PM

If a stock husky chain is Regina, then that’s the only time I’ve run one, and I only got 16 hours out of it. I used to always run did ert’s but switched to Rk mxz4 and they last longer. Keep your chains adjusted , clean and lubed and it prolongs chain/sprocket life quite a bit.