RCS titanium Shock springs

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1/12/2021 1:12 PM

Does anyone have a recommendation on if the old style with one spacer or the new style with two spacers is better. It’s for a Showa shock. I asked the guy from rcs about how spring rates compare to steel and he said get the same spring rate as I would a steel spring on both old and new style. Only differences is the old style is 1/2” longer, old style is 200 cheaper and the amount of spacers. I’m thinking I should go with the old but If someone has experience with these springs let me know what you think. I’m curious why they made them a 1/2” shorter and added a spacer. Thanks


1/13/2021 4:56 PM

Can’t answer your question but I have a suggestion. Someone on this site recommended Diverse Spring. Never heard of them. They make high tension, small wire diameter, chrome silicone springs. Their springs are much lighter than standard steel springs and approach weight of Ti. Ordered one for my 450SXF and was surprised in the difference in coil spacing.


1/16/2021 6:39 AM

I have experience with the RCS springs.. I have them on 2 bikes... the only difference in feel is rebound is slightly faster which is fixed with 2-3 clicks more rebound dampening. The only issue I see with 1 vs 2 spacers is looks. The old style is still a shorter spring than OEM. I would prefer the old style with 1 spacer. They try to fit the same spring to many bikes and make up diameter and length issues with spacers so that is not better to me.