Pro Circuit triple clamps make “klick” noise (video inside)

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8/28/2019 10:14 AM

I have a Showa A kit 49mm forks with PC triple on my CR125
Since I bought it, it makes noise under load like the torque is not in spec
Currently the torque is 17N.M lower clamp and 19 on top
I tried to tight it more to check if it stops but still it makes this noise
well i am riding like it for more than 80 hours with no issue but what can cause it and how can i stop it?


8/28/2019 11:10 AM

That sounds ugly! Take the entire front end apart and put it back together again and see if it's still there. Look closely at all the fits and mating parts to make sure nothing is out of whack.


Billy Wight
Luxon MX
Precision Engineered Motocross Components

8/29/2019 3:45 AM

I would not ride that like that! Something is have to isolated the sound..agree with Luxon, complete disassembly. Could be something broken in the forks also..


9/3/2019 9:08 AM was the upper nut not tight enough.
supposed to be 108NM and was less than 50.
i tried many things for so long but this nut wasnt in my mind.