Piston Cylinder Clearance

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8/7/2017 8:23 PM

I just picked up a 1975 Honda XL125. I am in the process of going 1 over on the cylinder and I can't find
the piston cylinder clearance specs anywhere. I think it is .0004 to .0012. I already picked up the piston
but I need to let the machine shop know the final clearance. If anyone has any idea what the clearance should
be I would really like to know. I need to get the shop manual!
Thanks in advance.


8/8/2017 3:09 PM

If it's the OEM piston, then use the spec's from the manual.
If it's an after market piston, then use that company's spec's. They should have come with the piston.

Paw Paw


8/8/2017 4:33 PM

Thanks Paw Paw. Its an OEM piston. I'm going with .0015. I still need to get a manual. I talked to a Honda shop
owner who was a Honda mechanic in the late 60s thru the 80s.


8/10/2017 1:46 PM

Is the piston cast? If so you shouldn't have any problems running it at .0015


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