Opinions for 2017 FC 350 upgrades

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3/9/2018 8:58 AM

Hey there folks! I reached out to you before for suspension advice and got some great responses. I haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet as I have had some other ideas. Again, I've got a '17 FC 350 with a little over 15hrs on it (had a child last spring and didn't get much riding in). I'm 6ft 220lbs with gear on (slimming down hopefully) and a fast C slow B rider. I ride at a legitimate sand track most of the time and would like to get out to the local practice days more this summer. I was dead set on getting suspension work done at first and had plans to send it out. But after reading a lot of articles and forum posts it seems the AER 48 can be dialed in pretty well. My experience is that the forks are a little busy. Anyways, my predicament is, should I do the suspension work? Or get a rekluse auto clutch and a slip on? My thoughts are the rekluse would be nice in the sand to keep momentum and help a not so skilled rider navigate the track a bit better, and the slip on would get me the low end a bigger guy like me needs at times. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks in advance guys!!!


3/9/2018 12:22 PM

Suspension first then get a pipe and send ecu to Tokyo mods to get a reflash


3/9/2018 12:48 PM

The forks and shock can be setup well. If you have tried different air pressures and clickers from 9-20 in all various combinations, then you can think about revalve.

What is your clickers and air press at now? Rear spring and preload or sag + clickers?


3/9/2018 1:17 PM

Forks are set at 160psi, 20 out on comp and 15 out on rebound.

Shock spring rate changed to 5.2kg, 105 sag, 2 turn for hi comp, 15 clicks on lo comp, 10 clicks for rebound


3/9/2018 1:29 PM

Go in to 10-13 click on rebound front, should calm it down. 10 on more hard packed, 12-13 on softer tracks.


3/9/2018 1:32 PM

I'd do suspension first. Get it setup for your weight and riding ability. All the motor in the world won't help a guy who's suspension isn't close to being setup for him.


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3/9/2018 1:48 PM

Your sag and spring rate are spot on. As others mentioned, try messing with the clickers, and I recommend 150-155 on the psi, even at your weight. When I had stock AER's, I ran 140 psi and I'm 170lbs.

You didn't mention gearing, but I recommend a 52-tooth out back. I run a 52t on my FC350 with good results on sand.

I have a Rekluse Core EXP 3.0, and absolutely love it. I highly recommend it. It is great for moto and for trail riding.


3/9/2018 1:54 PM

I would not go down on sir pressure. I ran 154psi on my 200lbs. Fork gets harsh and with that rear spring you need to be at around 160


3/9/2018 1:56 PM

Thanks guys! And motomatt, I went down a tooth in front and feel that was spot on


3/9/2018 7:50 PM

Suspension>Exhaust>2 Stroke filter cage>Remap>VP fueldevil


3/11/2018 12:51 PM

Thanks guys! Just wasn't sure I should send suspension out with the little amount of time I've had on it so far. Thought maybe the clutch and getting a bit more low end would be fun for the sand track and then if I can't dial the suspension in this summer I'll send it in fall.


3/11/2018 1:12 PM

My last 350. I went suspension, then rekluse, then pipe. Didn’t notice much difference with the pipe. I would do mods in that order.


3/12/2018 9:45 PM

Im 220 and running much less pressure. 146 is where im at right now. At 154 or higher i felt like they barely moved. Although I'm still on stock rear spring so maybe my balance is off causing that.

Im happy overall with it though. Engine is amazing so broad and flexible. The brakes and handling are unreal. Broke a rear brake spring last time out just ordered a replacement and also a fast rear brake spring. I have a 4.8 shock spring im going to install soon.

Im on the gym and weight loss kick right now so 190 is the goal. 4.8 should be perfect.


3/12/2018 11:41 PM

Eric - sorry - finally got around to answering you. Before you send your suspension off, make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of riding in so everything is broken in well, then play with the clickers. If it's still not to your liking, go with the revalve. Again - the Rekluse is awesome on this bike. Can't recommend it enough. Before doing the slip-on, try drilling 5 one-inch holes in your left sideplate - that'll make more of a difference than the slip-on will. These bikes get much better bottom/throttle response opening up the airbox, just like the 250's. If you wanna build your motor later, you can really get these 350's to romp!!


3/13/2018 7:56 PM

51 tooth, exhaust, filter cage & Tokyo mods map ($100)

Don't forget ill save you cash on whatever you need, just text me.