Older KTM Wheel fitment

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5/21/2018 4:50 AM

Does anyone know if the front wheel off a 2002 KTM SX will fit the newer bikes?

I know the rear is the same but with the bigger axle so can just swap spacers. But any ideas on the front or what year they changed?

Just found a decent set of a 2002 that I'm looking at getting if the front would fit with just changing spacers or bearing etc.


5/21/2018 9:11 AM

I believe you can just swap spacers. But to be honest, a wheel from 2002 might want to get new wheel bearings anyways. 16 years old.


5/21/2018 7:39 PM

I might just get them and hope for the best then. If not I can always swap the front hub for a newer model.

And they are almost new wheels bought for an 02 project bike so not the originals.