Ohlins RXF 48 forks for KTM (big axle) to fit on Kawasaki

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7/3/2018 12:18 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/3/2018 12:20 PM

I am looking to purchase this set up along with the TTX44 shock (for Kx250f) and was wondering how I could possibly make the KTM RXF forks work on my 03 or 05 Kx125. Does anyone happen to know what needs to be done to make them fit? I would truly appreciate the help!



@stayactive #ActiveLife #CP81

7/4/2018 2:17 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/4/2018 2:19 AM

Pretty much anything can be made to fit.

Just being a good machinist / engineer, or finding one / them is what is needed.

I fitted a set of WP CC forks (and Brembo -270mm Disc- brakes) to my CRE500, and use the CR500 / well, all CR front wheels from then until now, by doing some simple machining and welding.

These are the Steer stops I made for the lower clamp, that act against the std frame stop. You can see (just above the top of the bearing) the steel spacer made to fit the 30mm ID CR lower bearing to the 29mm OD WP lower stem:


Below are the various spacers for the CR axle (20mm) to KTM (25mm axle OD) lower lug set up plus a disc guard mount I made to be integral with the LH axle adaptor. The disc guard / threaded lug insert that the Honda axle threads into, stays in the LH side by clamping force and some retaining Loctite, the RH side spacer is held in the lug by retaining Loctite, and an inner spacer / lip that fills the gap between the std CR RH wheel spacer. So, no there's 'effing about with leg alignment on the axle, and only the 2 10mm clamp nuts on the RH side need to be tightened / loosened, and a 10 mm bolt mounted in the axle ends (both, in case one gets deformed by a rock hit) being spun are required to remove / fit the wheel .

To the right side is the upper triple clamp adapter (I machined down the top of the steer tube to take the smaller upper, std 26mm ID 500 bearing get past the adjustable offset eccentric - though, I'm soon to replace the steer tube I modified and just use a later model Honda top bearing, with a 30 to 29mm adapter sleeve - and the machined down top nut to clear the steering damper arm.


It gave me forks ( that I make into real CCs - std, they sure as hell are Not) that I like, and far better offset ( adjustable between 18 or 20mm) than the std Honda 24mm. The lower lugs offset from center line of the fork to center of axle are the same for the std Kayabas and the WPs, with the model WPs I use.