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Randy Stinson Randy Stinson
8/22/2018 4:53 PM

Just put fresh kill switch coil and cdi still no spark????? At wits end!

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plowboy plowboy
8/22/2018 5:08 PM
Randy Stinson wrote:

Just put fresh kill switch ...more


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Randy Stinson Randy Stinson
8/23/2018 4:16 AM

How do I test stator I put volt tester on and when I kick it spikes?? Not enough juice maybe? Has new magneto!!

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kb228 kb228
8/23/2018 4:20 AM

Stator or weak magneto.

Did you make sure the ground is good? Harnesses have zero resistence?

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KDXGarage KDXGarage
8/23/2018 9:12 AM

frame mounts not rusty?

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Randy Stinson Randy Stinson
8/23/2018 5:12 PM

Coil shows 10.76 ohms? That's new coil old coil 17.6ohms

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Paw Paw 271 Paw Paw 271
8/24/2018 6:17 AM

Is that the primary side or the secondary side readings?
The higher reading on the primary side is a good thing, but not if that is on the secondary side.
More info needed.
Check you engine mounts for rust. The stator grounds to the engine and the coil grounds to the frame, so these mounts must be rust free for a good connection.
What color is your spark? Blue , Orange or white/ Yellow. Each color tells a story.

Paw Paw

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