Need help with yz250 fork swap

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4/2/2018 11:32 PM

I have an 06 yz250 but it has 05 shitty forks. This bike beats me up cause the suspension is so shitty. It has the newer clamps since it's an 06. I'm wondering if I can just drop 250f forks in? Thanks


4/3/2018 1:18 AM

Google what diameter your new forks are and the diameter of what clamps you got. If they match then yes you can. Might have to figure out what spacers you need.


4/3/2018 4:25 AM

What year 250F forks?


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4/3/2018 8:23 AM

Any 250f forks up to 14(?) will be a direct fit. After that, the upper portion of the tubes is smaller and you’d need newer clamps.

The 250f forks are 10mm shorter, same with the 125 ones. 450f forks are the same length as 250 forks. Valving and springs also vary I think.

Being 10mm shorter doesn’t make a huge difference. I actually see no physical difference in length between my 05 forks and the 06 250f forks. Maybe they are different internally and sag more, I’m no suspension expert.

You could try having the 05 forks revalved or look into purchasing subtanks from Enzo. People have suggested those in order to take the hit out of them.

I personally hated the forks and felt like I was riding with pogo sticks for forks no matter what I did with the clickers. Just couldn’t get them to work how I wanted.

The SSS forks seem better so far with two rides on them. They don’t have such a “shocking” hit in the beginning of the stroke.

You have 06 clamps as well? Not the 05 ones?


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