Mikuni TMX 38 parts differences through different manifacturers

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7/22/2017 5:46 AM

Hey guys.

I have got an 06 cr 125 thats has a leak around the bowl so i want to replace the o-ring. Looking at just buying a rebuild kit because it comes with a few spares for near the same money. Its got me into looking at kits from other bikes with the same carb, but possibly better tuning

Is there a reason people only have problems with the TMX on the Honda? Yamahas have the same carb and there isn't 1000 threads saying it needs a pwk. Is the carb itself any different or does yamaha just have things like its needle tapers more dialled in? Reading a few things the stock 2006 YZ125 needle seems to have yielded good results in the cr, so if i buy the 2006 yz125 kit, will the bowl o ring etc still work in the Honda carb or are they different?

currently have a pc pipe and shorty, 98 octane pump gas, motul 800 32:1. main jet is 390 and pilot is 32.5. sea level
I've always put the bogging down to me being a terrible rider and in too higher gear.

any other suggestions on needle/ tuning choices welcome. bearing in mind i can't justify spending hundreds on it right now. I'm slowly building up a crf project and i have plenty of fun on it as it is!