Mechanics & Tuning Shops in North Dallas area

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8/24/2017 2:59 PM

Just moved in near Frisco, north of Dallas and wondering if there's any mechanics or tuning shops in the area that people would recommend.

I got spoiled where I moved in from because I knew a lot of the guys and got really good rates, but I'm starting from scratch up here.

Thanks for your input. If you see a 2007 CR 250 at one of the tracks riding like a donkey with his ass on fire, that'll be me wink


8/24/2017 4:16 PM

Derek Harris @ HP Bikes 210-882-0330
He has an IG also I think its HP Race Development


8/25/2017 7:52 AM

Cool thanks. That is exactly what I'm looking for, but looks like he's near San Antonio, and I'm hoping to find something local


8/25/2017 12:26 PM

I actually thought he was closer than that. Ive never been to his shop just used him multiple times for different services. He's one of the only guys I trust to do things because he's not going to lie to you to sell something.


8/25/2017 3:15 PM

Core mx performance in Little Elm. Greg there used to work for merge racing and I have never heard anything but positive remarks about him. Google Core mx performance...Also Piper performance in Boyd has always done me right..


8/26/2017 6:50 AM

LCS racing in Garland. Good people.


8/27/2017 11:00 AM

Maximum Performance out of Houston. I make frequent trips to the DFW area. I'm actually up here now doing work for some customers.