Lowering Links?

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5/19/2021 6:46 AM

What's you thoughts on lowering links? I have a 2019 rmz250 and I am 5'9" tall. I have the front and rear suspension set up pretty well for my comfort level now and running 105mm sag. The bike still feels a bit to tall for my liking. I had a kx250f before this bike and ran a pro circuit link and that seemed to be nice. Looking at measurements of the same link for my rmz it is only a 1mm difference. Or I can get a lowering link that lowers the bike 1.5 inches. Is this going to screw up all my suspension settings? Should I just leave it alone? Thoughts?


5/19/2021 9:54 AM

I agree they do sit a little tall. I'm shy of 5'8" and 65 years young. I sometimes get leg cramps trying to restart after riding a while and no I don't need the magic button. It's a lot easier to pull across a berm and not have to stretch. I also ride 07 RM and RMZ and don't have the issue with them. When I looked at lowering links it appears that you only gained about a half inch and I really didn't like the idea of taking some progression out of the top of the stroke because I keep it on the ground now anyways.