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10/5/2018 7:22 AM

Attempting to lace/true a Tusk 21" front wheel on my 2003 Honda CR125. Stock hub. New rim. New spokes. I'm on my second go-round with this setup and cannot seem to get the spokes to lace up evenly. I just barely threaded the nipples on initially, then have evenly gone around the wheel trying to seat the nipples in the holes.

Some nipples are snug tightly in the holes but have plenty of space left on the threads to tighten further. Others are so loose the hub-side isnt even seated yet, but the nipples are almost all the way tightened on the threads. I'm no mechanic but i've watched all the lace/true videos I can find and followed the steps exactly. I've laced/trued a rear wheel before with no issues. However I cannot seem to get the front straightened out.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions? I feel like I'm missing something here. Really trying to avoid paying the local shop $150 for what will probably take them half an hour. Any help appreciated.


10/5/2018 7:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2018 7:36 AM

you should check out Cameron Niemela's most recent wheel buliding video from a while back, explained very well.


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10/5/2018 8:51 AM

CR/CRF’s use a 3x cross pattern, which is unlike most other MX wheels that use a 2x cross pattern. Are you sure you have the spokes pattern correct? Post a pic of what you’ve got.