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tommyp238 tommyp238
8/15/2018 10:19 AM

Yo guys
Half way through doing the seals and free piston mod on kyb sss forks, Just noticed one side the compression adjust is not turning at all. Wasn’t like that before I started so wondering what I’ve done haha. Currently have the base valve apart I can hear the rod inside moving up and down, needle doesn’t seem to be moving in or out?
Any help appreciated thanks Photo

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mattyhamz2 mattyhamz2
8/15/2018 10:22 AM

That would sure put a damper on things... tongue

haha jk. That's a bummer. One of the guys will be a long soon to help

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Flipsid33 Flipsid33
8/15/2018 11:17 AM

These are not spring loaded. The oil pressure will push them back.

Go full soft and then push the needle back up.

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tommyp238 tommyp238
8/15/2018 11:38 AM
Flipsid33 wrote:

These are not spring ...more

Unfortunately I can’t turn the adjuster at all and the needle doesn’t want to move much either

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kb228 kb228
8/15/2018 12:06 PM

Paging slipdog

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m21racing m21racing
8/15/2018 3:53 PM

I have some spares. Pm if interested

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slipdog slipdog
8/15/2018 5:54 PM

There's not much to them so I'd remove the shaft from the cap to get a better look. The adjuster threads up and down in the cap pushing on an aluminum rod in the shaft that pushes the needle. I've seen them broken before where they just spin, but never stuck.

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