Kxf250 2008

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3/4/2019 8:01 AM

I was out yesterday on the fells and i ran into a bog which pulled my front end in upto front mudguard when it hit the bog it cut out i was upto my knees trying to get it out and say 20 mins later i managed to wiggle it out got back down off the fell drove van back home and as i was cleaning the bike i noticed it had cream/sludge through the glass inspection hole on casing so i dropped the oil out the bike and it was definitely water mixing with oil the last bit that came out the viscosity was more like water than oil ...i pulled the oil filter out and it had started to swell i have flushed the engine with 2 oil changes and a new oil filter started the bike this afternoon and within 5 minutes of the bike running it was start to turn greyish i took radiator cap off before i started the bike topped it up and started it at first there was bubbles coming up when i revved it a bit then when it was idling seemed normal ie pump is working ...so i killed the engine dropped the oil/cream all the while keeping an eye on the coolent level which didn't drop ....so i dropped the coolent out no oil everything looked normal ...what would you guys/girls suggest is wrong the pump seal or head gasket.? ....if its not losing water from rads could it be possible that its sucked water in from breathers or the weep hole under the water pump i just dont get where the water could be coming from to mix with the oil to make fresh oil go so creamy within 5 mins of running any help or advice much appreciated


3/4/2019 8:17 AM

Id probably just fix it the safe way and replace both the head gasket and waterpump seals. Its not very expensive to do that.


3/4/2019 8:45 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/4/2019 9:06 AM

As I'm reading this you say the coolant level isn't dropping? If it isn't, then you don't have a head gasket or water pump seal going. I would then guess it is residual water from dumping it in a bog.

If the coolant level drops then yes you have a problem. You could do a leak down and try to see if it produces bubbles in the radiator, that would be an indication of a head gasket (at least between cylinder and coolant jacket). You could also pressurize the coolant system to see if the level drops, that might be a better test. I think if I was going to start replacing things I would start easy (waterpump seal) first then go to the not as easy one (head gasket) if the easy didn't fix it.


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3/4/2019 10:04 AM

Had a hard time reading your post but....when good oil that is NOT contaminated with water can have the appearance of being cloudy/white if you check while the bike is running or shortly after you hit the kill switch. Reason is because the oil gets bubbly and is aggitated while being pumped and churned through the motor. If you wait about 10 minutes after the bike shuts off, then inspect the oil, you may find the oil goes back to what it should look like. I once thought I had a coolant leak but after letting the oil settle it went back to a normal gold color. This MAY be what you’re seeing. If it’s still milky, then I would take the advice from the other posts here.