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kb228 kb228
7/8/2018 3:45 PM

As i have gained speed this year, my 450 feels like its all over the place. In Rough chop the bars just deflect or sortof skip to one side to the other. Landing on flat ground is causing the forks to bottom hard and rebound sideways. My sag is 112mm, anything less worsens the problem. I dont feel any issue with the shock as of now. My fork settings are all the way in on the comp and all the way in on rebound. This seems to be the best feeling i can get. i have the bike sprung for my weight, but the valving is whatever the previous owner had on the stock springs.

Is there anything i can really do or would i be better off explaining this to a suspension shop and sending my forks in? i only have problems on jump landings and high speed runs that are 4th gear and up.

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