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Dirtramper_426 Dirtramper_426
9/18/2018 5:56 PM

Bought a 18 ktm125 from a friend with 20 hrs on bike. Rode it and bike totally rips. Put a new top end in it next day and rode for first time and the bike didn’t seem to have power. Well I figured out I had spring in backwards on power valve. Got that adjusted and started bike with power valve cover off and it is moving but bike doesn’t seem to be clearing out on top end when rode. as this is my first ktm I didn’t measure gasket size before changing. so I purchased a nihilo deck tool to check my piston gap. piston didn’t touch but was just about level with top of head. U can give her hell and the power just isn’t all there like first time I rode it. im thinking my timing is off as I checked stator and piston position just couldn’t find how to adjust it. Stock jetting, 32:1 50/50 c12 93 pump. Any tips would be greatly appreciated on what to check. hot humid weather in my location and it might be jetting I’m just not sure

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CarlinoJoeVideo CarlinoJoeVideo
9/18/2018 7:21 PM

I run 50:1 at that ratio with C12/pump.

Ring gap correct?
Maybe clean and lube the whole power valve assembly?

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809 809
9/18/2018 7:33 PM

32:1 is too much oil for stock jetting

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sgrimmxdad sgrimmxdad
9/19/2018 2:59 AM
809 wrote:

32:1 is too much oil for ...more

This, way to much oil for KTM's. Plug may already have buildup!

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kage173 kage173
9/19/2018 5:26 AM
Dirtramper_426 wrote:

Bought a 18 ktm125 from a ...more

32:1 is first problem to check. KTMs run 50:1 and some guys run 60:1 with Motorex. Make sure you only use high quality premix oil with KTMs.

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CarlinoJoeVideo CarlinoJoeVideo
9/19/2018 8:48 AM
Dirtramper_426 wrote:

Bought a 18 ktm125 from a ...more

kage173 wrote:

32:1 is first problem to ...more

In detail, I mix 60:1 91 pump gas then 40:1 C12. I split those 5050 into the gas jug so it comes to 50:1. Using Motorex.

The other thing in question is make sure your reeds don’t have any gap, I had problems with my bike until I looked and the cage was warped.

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9/19/2018 9:30 AM
809 wrote:

32:1 is too much oil for ...more

sgrimmxdad wrote:

This, way to much oil for ...more

Why would the plug have buildup? At 32:1 you will be getting a LEANER fuel mixture because there is less fuel in the mixture. Build up on the plug is due to a rich jetting setting, not by the amount of oil you are using. Running more oil will not make the bike lose as much power as the OP is stating. More oil, makes more horsepower...But will gum things up quicker.

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