Ktm 250 sxf fuel screw

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7/23/2017 6:59 AM

Hey guys I gotta question for all the carb gurus on here. My dads 2008 sxf was having idle issues and so I thought I'd try and fix it. I ended up loosening the fuel screw to the point it fell off (lucky I found it) but the bike idled and ran great. I know it's sucking air in threw there and that's why it will idle is my guess because when I covered the hole the bike died. This bike hasn't been able to idle this good in a while. I'm just wondering if it will harm the bike or carb riding like this? If it runs great without the screw then what's the point of using it? Just need some answers. Is the air getting in there unfiltered then? Thanks guys


7/23/2017 2:21 PM

With the screw out you have added a lot of fuel to the engine. It will harm the engine to run it that way as dirt will enter the engine.
The reason it runs better with it out is that your pilot jet is plugged up. It has to be removed from the carb and completely cleaned.
You will also need to put the fuel mix needle, spring, washer and o ring back in the carb and adjust it to about 2 turns out from seated.

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