Knee Brace Advancements

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6/19/2018 6:30 AM

I took a few years off from riding and have been using my Asterix knee braces that are probably 10 years or so old. They are in still relatively good shape but I am wondering has knee brace technology greatly improved since then, should I look at getting new ones. Also, has anyone who have had Asterix in the past tried and liked a different brand better. My only concern is that since I am tall/thin (5'11" 155lbs) is that the only way I'm going to get a brace that fits me correctly is to go to a custom made brace.


6/19/2018 7:33 AM

I just replaced my EVS RS6 braces from 99/2000ish with new EVS RS9 Pro Carbon braces. I would say no, overall not much has improved. The knee cups are a little better by offering top side protection when bent knee and they stay in place a little better because they have leather straps instead of elastic. The down side I saw was the new ones are a little shorter in length so I don't see side deflection being as supported. That being said I fully believe in knee braces and getting ones that fit properly. You really need to try them on and find ones that fit correctly.


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6/19/2018 9:02 AM

I am also tall and skinny (6'4 195lbs). I had the Cyto Cell which was the cheaper version of the Ultra Cell. They don't make them anymore under the new ownership. They were really comfortable and I liked them a lot, until I caught a handlebar on the top of my knee going down in a turn. They did not have the full patella coverage of the Ultras. After that I picked up some Mobius braces and am very happy with them. The Mobius braces feel like they fit my legs better (tighter around the knee area) and are super slim. I have heard some guys complain of their pants getting caught between the knee cup and upper portion of the brace but this has never happened to me.

I am assuming if your braces are that old that they have the lace system to hold them on? You might try contacting Asterisk and see if they can update your braces to the boa or strap system they use now.


6/19/2018 9:23 PM

seth419 wrote:

I am also tall and skinny (6'4 195lbs). I had the Cyto Cell which was the cheaper version of the Ultra Cell. They don't make ...more

I have the original cell brace. I did talk to Asterisk today and the brace is totally different. I like what they have to offer with their braces, especially their Ultra Cell brace. It has the most adjustments of any brace out there. I really like the boa system and also the boot tether like I have on mine. She did tell me that the Ultra Cell was a bit bulky with the current boa system, and they will be releasing a Ultra Cell 2.0 version here in the next few weeks that will have a similar system like the boa system although it will not be as bulky. Going to wait and see what that looks like and will either get one of the two.