Keihin carb 2006 cr250 not seating fully

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4/23/2018 1:37 PM

Hey guys I just picked up a 2006 cr250 and it has a pwk keihin carb on it, I noticed where the airboot and carb meet its not fully seating any suggestions? Is it normal with this carb? No dirt has gotten through it seems. Thanks. Photo


4/23/2018 2:32 PM

Looks like the tab of the boot is butted against the lip. Looks good imo


4/23/2018 3:05 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/23/2018 3:08 PM

I'd call that close enough. My 04 does the same, especially in the winter.

An easy fix is to warm up the boot with a heat gun or hair dryer, remove all the subframe bolts and push that boot all the way on, then tighten the hose clamp before you put the subframe bolts back in.


4/23/2018 3:09 PM

When I was doing Hondas, I use to turn about 3mm off the front of the Keihin carb and about half that off the rear to get them to seat in the boots.

They're just a little different than the Mikuni.


4/23/2018 3:16 PM

That screw top Keihin is 15mm longer than the Mikuni tmx that it replaced. Heat the boot up a little with a heat gun and wiggle it around some, and it should slide up a little further, but what you have there should seal fine as well.


4/23/2018 5:24 PM

Awesome, thanks guys for the information, I appreciate it.