Keep or get rid of 2016 FC250

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11/25/2017 7:44 PM

Here's my issue. I own a 2016 FC250 and I bought it brand new. It has 32 hours on it. I am worried about the notorious transmission issues, I have owned it over a year so I assume my coverage will be minimal if it fails. Also I race the A(pro in some places) class so at 32 hours I'd say my bike is due for a top end. But I don't really want to do that because once I open up the stock motor there will be the argument of "it was me who could've messed things up and caused the failure or issue".

So my options are trade it in for a 2017, this would involve me putting my new stock parts on, so I wouldn't lose any of my aftermarket parts I've put on, but it would cost me 3,200$ plus my bike for the new bike, which actually is still a pretty good deal.

Option 2 would be to buy a new 2017 motor which I found a good deal on for around 2,800 and drop that in, which I'm not sure if will work but if it did I would have the new motor and could sell my old one for a decent chunk of money because as of right now it has no issues.

Option 3 would be just to rebuild the top end and run it and just hope the tranny doesn't fail. I'm just worried if it does fail then I'm forced to buy tranny parts plus cases for the new parts to work in because I know those have updated part numbers along with all the other parts. And then I still have a motor that's had the case split a couple times (first time because of crank recall).

Do I have other options? I can afford to trade up but just making sure I'm not throwing my money at the wrong decision. I am wanting to stay with husqvarna so other bike brands aren't an option. Thanks for the help in advance!


11/26/2017 5:21 AM

If you like the bike then split the cases and fix it before it messes up. Otherwise sell it as is and use the money for your down payment on a new one. Personally I think spending $3,200 to avoid splitting cases is retarded. Take $300 of it and buy your rebuild kit and get it done.


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11/26/2017 6:37 AM

Youve rode it for a year and its held up! Put a top end in and run it. You could get a new one and have problems right out the gate. If husky is anything like ktm they will fix it for you even at 50+ hours. Peace of mind isnt gauranteed when buying the new bike but if you just want the new one get it.


11/26/2017 10:17 AM

Run it.