KTM or Husky gas tank leak

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2/27/2020 1:03 PM

Anyone ever had the tank leak where the internal fuel pump bolts to the bottom of the tank with a nut and a thread in fuel line?
They both have O rings but I am not sure the internal pump was put in the tank correctly when assembled at the factory. The hole in the tank is larger like The pump should have slid down into the hole more.

I run high test pump gas so the ethanol could be part of the problem dissolving the rubber O rings. Leak also took out the fuel line where there are 2 different materials. The internal line seems fine with the gas but the outside rubber has softened considerable.



2/27/2020 1:52 PM

It looks like someone sprayed carb cleaner on them or something. I replaced the tank filter on mine and they looked good, but I have always ran non-ethanol mixed with a little race gas.


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