KTM new style plastics

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4/10/2018 4:13 AM

could you get 2018 style tank and plastics to fit onto the older say 2013 bike? i love the look of the new ktms but don't ride enough to justify throwing another couple of grand at a newer bike so wondered if anyone has switched the tank and plastics or if they wouldn't fit!?


4/10/2018 4:32 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/12/2018 9:44 PM

The problem with fitting the new shrounds on the old bike is the radiators. They are lower on the new bike so the mounting holes for the shrouds wont line up.

I'm sure that people will figure out someway to fit the new plastics on the old bike, but i don't know how good you'll be able to do it.

Edit: I thought you meant the 2018 FE/2019 bikes, sorry. The 16-18 plastics on 12-15 bikes has been done.


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4/12/2018 1:32 PM

Here is the bikes a French impoter or dealer sold. Photo