KTM 450 SXF 2013 earthing problem

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5/10/2018 3:00 PM

KTM 450 SXF 2013. Bike went through very deep water (NOT DROWNED) and 5 minutes later the bike wouldn't start, no spark and fuel pump not receiving power.*

I bridged the fuel pump (orange + white/black wire) and the fuel pump had power and started.*
I replaced the fuel pump relay, same problem.

The problem is EARTH but I can't figure it out, I am really bad with anything electrical so bare that in mind. The fuel pump powers up if I earth the white/black wire going into regulator OR the white/black at the fuel pump relay.*

Picture below, left is the fuel pump relay and right is the wire coming from CDI into the regulator. If I earth either of the black/white wires it works HOWEVER by earthing the wires myself onto the frame the battery drains constantly. Any help is really appreciated because I am stuck.



5/10/2018 3:16 PM

Are all the fuse ok?


5/10/2018 3:22 PM

CarlinoJoeVideo wrote:

Are all the fuse ok?

Yeah the bike only has one fuse I believe and it's fine, I have tried swapping that out too.