Just bought a 2017 Husky TC250...any setup tips?

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10/27/2017 9:12 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/27/2017 10:01 PM

Just picked up a 2017 TC250 today! Haven't ridden or had a bike since I sold my 04' YZ250F in 2005...the bike that made me quit MX after 10 years. Anywho...Im 185lbs and I'll be riding at novice level for quite some time. Probably more trial riding for now until I get used to the bike and get my moto legs back. I took MXA's advice and bought a 49 tooth rear sprocket to tame it and stretch the gears out. I'm going to spend time getting it dialed but I'm looking for any lessons learned on the bike, must have parts or setup secrets.

One more thing....is there an alternative plastics kit that looks more like a 2016 TC250 in terms of shape? The funky ass plastics are my only gripe about that bike.


10/28/2017 5:56 AM

1. if your at sea level drop the pilot to a 35
2. back the pv adjuster all the way out then turn it in 2 to 2 1/2 turns in
3. im a vet c rider 195 lbs, i went in a few clicks on rebound (both sides), i run 144 psi in forks
4. pro circuit 304 silencer adds quite a bit over-rev..as i said I'm a novice and i noticed a huge difference in a good way
5. if you get lost w/jetting get a jd kit..I have one I'm selling, 45 shipped

for me thats about it, I keep looking for things to do to the bike, but honestly it doesn't need much and it is by far the funnest bike i have ever ridden.


10/28/2017 11:39 AM

Check the float level, probably set to high. Install a 5.0 slide to start and throw away the garbage stock reed cage. The stock cage reeds don't even come close to sealing off. Slavens has some good videos about this.


10/28/2017 12:53 PM

I'm at sea level, Vet C rider, 210 lb
146 psi in forks and stiffer rear spring

I lost my head and countless hours swapping jets/needles to get the Mikuni to run right and consistently
James at JD helped me a lot and I ended with a "OK" settings for the TMX but any temp/humidity change and it was way off and made the engine run like crap (and as a practice only wonder, I'm not that picky)

Finally put a 36 mm PWK from previous years + JD kit. with starting point specs from James.
Can't describe how it transformed the bike.
I have 3 WE on the Keihin since dialed in and shake my head each time. This is not the same bike...
Past break-in period, I rode the same tracks, same exhaust setup (FMF fatty and Powercore 2.1 Ti), same fuel and premix
The Keihin was the best investment, by far.
It's only my 2 cents, it seems some are ok with the TMX.

Look at the reeds but if the gaps are non existent or huge don't sweat it.
I got the Vforce, it has gaps and never found a difference with OEM

I installed a 49t rear sprocket but this bike still works best when short shifted

I am now playing again with the PV springs. Put back the Yellow today at 1- 1/2 turn.
Might now look at flywheel weight to tame it down a bit...it barks real strong now

If you ride hard you might want to get the Fastco rear brake spring delete, I've seen a few breaking



10/28/2017 1:49 PM

sdhuskyrider wrote:

Just picked up a 2017 TC250 today! Haven't ridden or had a bike since I sold my 04' YZ250F in 2005...the bike that made me ...more

First off, the 2017 TC250 is awesome bike!

As mention by mxstate, the Keihin 36mm carb swap is the best modification you can make to the bike. Made the bike run 100% better in all situations and was much less finicky to jet when compared to the Mikuni carb.

Also, I've got a bunch of parts for sale that are off of my 2017 TC 250. Complete used white and black plastics kit. FMF Ti 2.1 silencer, Keihin carb, P3 skid plate, Vforce reeds and some other parts as well if you are interested.
Send me a PM if you are interested in any of the parts that I have and I will make you some good deals.


10/28/2017 4:25 PM

1. Jet the bike.. buy a couple plugs because your going to foul a couple..everyone’s jetting is different in my crew 3 bikes.. the mikunis are very temperamental

2. Set the sag

3. Get a couple air filters

4. GO BRAAAAAAP these are sweet bikes


11/1/2017 9:55 AM

Anyone know what the proper float height is for the TMX 38? Gonna mess with jetting this weekend at Pala.


11/1/2017 10:46 AM

I have the same bike. The stock jetting seemed to work well at pala. Maybe an air screw adjustment was all i made.


11/1/2017 10:48 AM

rollin64caddy wrote:

I have the same bike. The stock jetting seemed to work well at pala. Maybe an air screw adjustment was all i made.

It's damn close that for sure. I always mess with jetting just to see if it can get better and most of the time it can.


11/1/2017 3:31 PM

Have you done any jetting at other tracks? Im scratching my head for settings at cahuilla.


11/1/2017 3:35 PM

Called Sudco to get float height. 6-7mm from gasket surface to top of float.


11/4/2017 3:59 AM

Speaking of setup tips, im nearing an top end check /replacement. Does anyone know what squish I should aim for with the base gaskets. I meassured squish stock and it was about 1,9mm which seems a bit much even with pump gas.