Issue with 06 rm125

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9/16/2018 3:53 PM

Hello all recently noticed a whine sound from motor when you rev motor very hard to explain almost like a whistle pulled jug and side case everything is tight and crank bearings are also tight and smooth reinstalled with new topend and still getting same sound not sure if it’s exhaust or not any suggestions would be great thanks


9/17/2018 8:15 AM

Post a video of the sound if at all possible to help with diagnosis. However, I did have an '04 that made a whistling sound. Then the main rod bearing seized and blew the piston to shreds.


9/17/2018 4:55 PM

When I had top end off and side water pump case I checked crank no play in rod at all and spun free with no hang ups or even any sound I did take a spill and put dent in side pipe which I think may have bent exhaust were it enters jug which may be were I’m getting the sound almost like a whirring whine like air is passing