Is Cams hard on the valvetrain? DCR / WEBCAMS

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2/7/2019 2:25 AM

I hear that Cams with more lidt is hard on the valvetrain? Anyone try cams to the New yzf 250 2019?


2/7/2019 4:26 AM

Short answer is yes, more lift duration is harder on the valvetrain. It really all depends on how much cam you want, most stage one or two cams you can usually use your stock valve springs and whatnot unless otherwise specified. Anything after that and your going to want stiffer springs at the minimum.


2/7/2019 4:46 AM

New cams are harder on the valves. Aggressive lobes open and close valves very rapidly. Its not as gentle as OEM. Often times youll need stiffer springs to go with your cams. Hotcams you typically dont need springs. Webcams or pro circuit cams require spring kits i believe.