Intermittent Weird noise on shut down 17 kxf450

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11/15/2018 12:23 AM

Hi all, so, recently bought a 17 kxf450, and am noticing this weird running on noise when I turn it off, and sometimes when I kick it and it doesn't fire up, this doesn't happen very often but is kind of annoying. Bike starts and runs spot on, don't think it's no bottom end problem etc as it's smooth and oil filter was clean one ride ago, had a piston 20 hours ago with regular oil changes. I've attached a video for the sound, opinions? ?


11/15/2018 12:32 AM


11/15/2018 6:15 AM

When was the cam chain last changed?

Paw Paw


11/15/2018 6:55 AM

To me it just sounds like the motor turning over a couple extra times after its shut off - maybe theres a little bit extra noise?... My 09kx450 used to make a similar noise at shutdown. Take a look at your cam chain guides and chain. I had an issue before with mine where the cam chain would actually contact the head up by the gasket surface on the intake side. New guides fixed that and made the entire valve train quieter.


11/15/2018 7:14 AM

The guys name was on the bike when i bought it from the shop, messaged him on facebook about what it'd had done etc, piston and cam chain at 50 hours, and oil and filter every 2 rides, it done 10-15 hours before he sold it to the shop, and ive done 10 hours on it so far, as i said this doesn't happen every time, and runs and rides spot on, ill check the oil filter before i next ride it to see if there's anything in there that shouldn't be.

@kb228 - this is what i thought it could be also, however not had this on my 2 previous 250F's...... just a weird one



11/16/2018 5:08 AM
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Check the tension on that cam chain. Might have worn guides too.


11/16/2018 4:11 PM

My ‘17 actually does the exact same thing. I ignored it until now, but maybe should dig into it.


11/17/2018 1:41 AM

Well to me it sounded like it was coming from right side of the engine, popped the clutch out of it to see if the basket was coming loose, all was fine - although the gaps between the outer basket and fibre plates, and gaps between steel plates and inner basket seemed a bit baggy, going to put a new clutch in it to see if it tightens the gaps up a bit, checked the oil filter and is nice and clear, going to use it until it gets worse or does it all the time @jdsmooth how long has yours been doing it and has it got worse? Mine does it every now and again


11/18/2018 9:25 AM

My 16 did the same thing. No problems i did it from new to 165 hours then i sold it. I think its just the way they sound.


11/19/2018 7:10 PM

JTH92 wrote:

Well to me it sounded like it was coming from right side of the engine, popped the clutch out of it to see if the basket was ...more

I bought mine used with 45 hours on it. I've put 10 hours on it, and it's done this the whole time. Performance has been great. A mechanic friend also rides a kx450, and I asked him about it. He said it's just a normal noise they make.

Not sure what the deal is, but I plan to continue riding it. Please let us know if you learn more!