I must run up the Le Mans, I must run up the Le Mans, I must run up the Le Mans...

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2/23/2019 2:11 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/23/2019 9:51 AM

Because my beloved 1979 Mark Two 850 Le Mans has been sitting in the garage unused for quite a while and it's bloody cold and I don't want the carbs to go manky.

OK, today's the day. Will the bastard start?

YES! Perfect. Wow, that protective ACF50 I sprayed all over it is a bit smokey. Where's the back of the garage gone?

Daughter peers into garage. "Are you trying to gas yourself, Dad?"

"It's OK, it's just a forty year-old old bike and they smoke a bit when they first start up..."

"You're in an enclosed space!"

Good point. Open garage doors wide. And listen to the lovely sound of a happy Guzzi engine ticking over. Roll on summer.
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2/23/2019 5:20 AM

Come on mods clip this bot already.


2/23/2019 6:11 AM

Well did you take out for a rip? Don't just leave us hanging like that, HeeraBro!

Last I heard ol' Scooter was tanning his magnificent Canadian physique at the beach in -27.778C. Now I find that to be downright chili, but he says that's like a nice spring day for our moto brethren from the Great White North.

You know when something pops into your head early in the morning and you think it's funny but after a few minutes, you realize it's actually not? Yeah, that's where I'm at right now... My typing skills suck and it's taken so long to get this stupid thought into words that I no longer have the desire to finish my story. Plus, nobody wants to picture that oversized Canadian Sasquatch in a banana hammock at the beach anyway so just piss off you wanker!