Husqvarna tc50 clutch problems

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12/16/2018 9:07 AM

Hi I’m looking for some help,I’ve bought my son a used tc50 and when I’ve started it and give it a little rev it doesn’t seem to want to go.ive lifted the back wheel off the floor and the wheel is turning but when it’s on the floor the bike doesn’t move.the bike did seem to start to move when I pulled the throttle right back but I didn’t want to rev it to much incase it shot off.the previous owner was a fast rider so is it possible the clutch just needs adjusted or maybe the bike just needs to warm up a bit more?


12/16/2018 9:18 AM


12/19/2018 6:25 PM

adjust it
if that dont work open it up and check it
after adjusting i would take it to a dealer
i have no clue about the auto clutch stuff


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12/19/2018 8:08 PM

There's three 8mm bolts under the clutch cover that need to be adjusted. Look in the manual it should tell you how.


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12/19/2018 9:09 PM

Honestly am clueless but I know when I rode KTM’s when I was younger my dad would have to rebuild them every race cause I would wear them out. Heard newer models are better and could just be out of adjustment. This was back when you would stack washers to adjust the clutch.