Husky, seized ring, now not starting!

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3/18/2018 11:14 AM

I have a Husqvarna CR250 1980, with a freshly rebuild engine (Not by me).

-Starting it up on friday 3x 30 seconds as the first starts and it went fine nothing wrong.

-Going to the track on saturday I had almost no compression, so I went home.

-Took off exhaust, full of fuel. (Forgot to turn off tap overnight)
-Took of topend, crankcase, full of fuel.
-Ring stuck to piston, no wear marks anywhere.

I managed to free up the pistonring without any damage and it feels like compression has returned to what it was. No scratches to be seen or felt.

But now I just can't get it started again.

-New sparkplug
-Cleaned carburettor
-Checked for wetness at timing side (If the fuel had pushed out the seal)
-Removed the "level" plug on the clutch cover to make sure it wasn't full of fuel.
-Checked for spark, it's there and consistent.

Any ideas on what to check now?


3/18/2018 1:53 PM

I'm not a professional mechanic so don't take this as fact. I had an 86 Husky CR250 that I bought when I was a teenager that was just rebuilt as well and blew up shortly after. I rebuilt it myself and put it back together the same as what I took apart. Blew up again. Bit the bullet found a guy local that new about them. It turns out the guy that rebuilt it first put the base gasket on upside down so I did as well. Can't remember how he said to tell if it was right side up. After that it ran fine just had to deal with it being not so we'll built. I learned to loathe that bike. Don't know if any of that is useful or helpful. Good luck.


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