Husky FC350 front end washing out

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4/26/2018 10:32 PM

Hi guys, UK rider. I've had my FC350 about 6-7 months now and right from the get go I wasn't getting on with the handling. It was almost unrideable with the air fork and no matter what I tried I was washing out the front end ever corner, I literally hated the bike to the point I didn't want to ride it. Anyway, threw nearly a grand at the suspension, service, revalve and a spring conversion in the forks. The bike is a million times better, off the scale better.
Now my issue is I'm still having a few issues with the front end wanting to wash out on sandy tracks and wet tracks too. I run roughly 13psi front and rear on a loose/wet surface and I run my forks on the middle ring at the clamps. My clickers feel about right too I adjust one or two clicks either way at the track usually and I've got a little black book I keep my settings in for each track.

I'm noticing this washing out most when I'm cornering with my balls on the tank. I was wondering if I should add a couple of clicks of preload to the front spring or take off some rebound.

Cheers guys any help appreciated, I'm so close to getting the bike riding perfect


4/27/2018 3:42 AM

A lot of it is bike balance and body position. Not so much clickers.

Balls on the tank is kindof too far forward imo. If you watch a pro rider they sit forward but not on the tank. If you weight the front end too much it will wash.

Also if your preload is too much you will stinkbug the bike which adds weight to the front.

If your preload is not enough and you got a chopper feel then the bike simply wont want to turn.

Also if your forks are too stiff they wont want to grab the ground. Theyll just deflect and slide.

Im not a setup expert. This is just my experience from messing with my own setup.


4/27/2018 5:55 AM

I don't think riding position is the issue, I've been riding 20 years so I'm pretty much alright with that. Unless I'm having issues moving from Japanese bikes to European bikes with the geometry being different but I feel fine and I look alright in videos and stuff. I guess maybe I could soften the bike up a little and see how I go.


4/27/2018 9:46 AM

What is your sag? I've found that anything less than 107mm ruins the front end.

I do agree with kb228, that you are probably a bit too far up on the seat...especially for sand. This is also my first Euro bike ('17 350sxf), and I have noticed that I don't need to as far forward as I did on a Japanese bike.

I would try going in a click or two on the rebound, to help keep the front end settled.

Unless you are in deep sand, I'd also try lowering the pressure in your front tire 1-2psi.


4/27/2018 10:18 AM

rc10andy wrote:

I don't think riding position is the issue, I've been riding 20 years so I'm pretty much alright with that. Unless I'm having ...more

If you want to ride the gas tank you need to set the bike up for that. Only problem i see is the rear will ride low in the stroke everywhere but corners.


4/27/2018 11:11 AM

Sounds like a sag problem. Set it at 105 mm. What is your weight? When they did a re-valve, did they re-spring the shock?


4/27/2018 1:08 PM

Springs, weight, height, sag, clickers?


4/27/2018 10:59 PM

Sag is bang on 105mm. I went 1 spring rate up on my rear spring.
I'm beginning to think the issue is just because I've moved from Suzuki to an inferior handling bike in the Husky. Like I said I'm 90% there with the bike so I'll persevere.