How to tell 01 Yz 250 from 02-04

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12/2/2017 2:05 PM

So this yz popped up on the web and listed as an 04 but I did some research and it has a 01 kickstarter and it doesn't have that gold tone on the forks. The subframe looks to be from 02-04. The rear brake pump, or what you call what connects the rear brake pedal to the cable, is smaller than the one on the 03 and the 04. It also has the 05 to 2010 plastics. What year is this bike ??
Here's the bike









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12/2/2017 4:23 PM

Its an 02-04 bike with an 01 kickstarter. The yz has tons of parts that work from newer models.


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12/3/2017 8:26 AM

As acidreamer said, many, actually most parts from 99-17 interchange on the YZ.

02 they changed the kickstart shaft to 18mm from 20mm. Some folks were breaking the new shafts, so it was a fairly common "mod" to install older thicker 20mm shaft and lever.

Or it could be a complete 99-01 engine with the swingarm bearing bushings enlarged for 02 and later larger swingarm bolt.

I personally wouldn't be concerned unless you were trying to buy a bike that is year correct for a museum.