Honda CR kill switch ground wire vs. aftermarket switch ground

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8/3/2018 4:44 AM

I noticed most aftermarket kill switches have a single wire. The OEM Honda CR kill switch is 2 wires with the ground wire attaching to the clamp screw.

I am assuming that the aftermarket switches rely on the metal clamp attached to the handlebar itself acting as the ground, but Honda added that extra ground wire to ensure a good ground, but it is not actually necessary?



8/3/2018 8:17 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/3/2018 8:19 AM

I added a fly racing Billet switch on my 07 CR250. This puzzled me as well as your correct the wire isn't needed. Just cut the wire ends off the stock switch and solder them onto the new switch. It doesn't matter which wire you chose for either connector (male/female). All the switch does is break the circuit.

The extra ground is only for a stock switch and that wire is not needed for others.