03 Honda CR250 HM (CRE) vs standard CR

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9/20/2018 6:59 AM

Hi all.
I am interested in buying a decent 2003 Honda CR 250 HM (known as CRE in US?) from a local guy (I am located in Europe - Slovakia), and would like to make a little build from it, meaning a little engine work, suspension and a little refresh to all parts if necessary.

The only think I am not 100% sure is how much are these bikes different from a classic CR?
I know that these bikes are suited for Enduro and could be homologised for road usage.
From the very limited info I found its known that it has some different electronics because of the lights, (its ignition and other related, maybe Reed valves(???) - maybe the ignition cover may be different in size (?) bcs of different ignition). It also has a 18" rear tyre.

What I am really not sure about is the following:
1. Some articles I found are saying that these machines have different power curve suited for Enduro, meaning in better lower end (?) How? Is it only electronics? Or it has some engine work done? (Will CR components be compatible?)
2. These models could be purchased with so-called WR (Wider Range) gearbox, where 1-2-3 are standard or closer in terms of shifting and 4-5 are spaced out for higher Enduro speeds, etc. (Not sure this model I have here has it - no need for it I guess anyway)

Why I am looking into HM model to buy?
First of all I can have a it for reasonably good price. And then its the variety of terrain I am riding. I would definitely buy a classic CR if it would be for MX only, but I like to ride quite a bit of trails and enduro. So what I am looking for is some kind of machine which is somewhere between both. 2003 is a nice bike to do a build from, and with the carb/intake/boot swap it can really start to shine up. Thinking about some head work as well. So what I am looking for, is a bike which is really snappy from bottom and can be ridden mellow around some technical low speed trails, as well as a good MX bike.

I am by no means any A nor B class rider. Let's say I am more like a very passionate weekend warrior wanting to do a nice build and save some life of a nice CR (will be definitely a keeper), but also to be able to use the bike in the most scenarios.

If anyone has any info regarding CR HM (CRE) vs CR R differences I would really appreciate your input.
Thanks a lot!


9/20/2018 11:07 AM


9/20/2018 2:05 PM

Thanks for sharing the link. I've seen that thread and thats basically the 'only' thing on the internet related to that theme. But it is mostly discussing the old CRE's which I believe where even more trick than the later models like 03 cre. I cant find any info on the newer generation actually.