Holeshot device + air fork & traction control

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5/2/2017 12:32 AM

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a low ridden 15' 450 Kxf.
Bike is awesome and I feel very confortable with the air fork despite my early concerns.

Next sunday is my first race since 2015 (got a child) and except a few try at the track last week, I have not really worked on starts since the new bike.

My riding buddy told me to invest in a holeshot device since it will make my life easier to deal with the power of the 450.
I have no time left to test it before the race so here are the questions :

How high should I install it on the fork guard ? Does air fork makes it different than spring fork ?
Should I use it with the traction control activated ? 2nd gear ?

Here is the device I bought :


Track is typically french : harded packed slippy clay and rocks.

Thanks a lot,
Have a nice day.


5/2/2017 4:28 AM

Go to either TRANS WORLD MX or You tube video's on how to mount the device. You will need some time to see what works for you on starts.


5/2/2017 6:21 AM

I had my hole shot device installed professionally on my kx450 so I do not know what to tell you about the install height, but I do know you should not use it with the traction control. Traction control and the hole shot device cancel each other out. For the hole shot device to work effectively you want as much power to the ground as possible, the traction control limits this.