High compression piston questions?

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4/27/2018 5:36 PM

Hi fellow vitards, I am doing a top end on my 2013 crf450r. Have a couple questions, looking for some input.
If I install a high comp piston do I need to go to a higher volume oil sprayer? How much extra strain does that put in the rest of the motor? Lastly, will I need to run race fuel? Sorry for the dumb ?'s, but I am a vitard smile
Thanks in advance for any assistance!


4/27/2018 10:37 PM

If the only change is the HC piston (assuming 13.5:1)you should be fine with stock oil sprayer and pump gas. A re-map is not a bad idea though. In my 2012 CRF450, it ran fine on pump gas with the 13.5 and a remap. When I added the stage-2 cam it started pinging so I went to 100 octane fuel.


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