Help please rm 125 problem

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9/4/2017 2:07 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/4/2017 2:11 PM

I got a rm 125 2 stoke 1999 Was riding my bike today and it was running fine but black oil was dripping out the exhaust i dont know if this is normal or not i put it up against the wall while it was running to let it warm the gear box oil up because i was going to replace it then i revved it and it just bogged out now it wont start it stated after about 10 kicks and bogged out start away and now just wont start so i changed the air filter and i changed the gear box oil and it still wont start any ideas i left a little of the old petrol mix in there which was sitting for 3/4 years in the bike as it was not started for 3/4 years but was only a tiny and was running sound and put about 3 lieters of new petrol mix in was a little rich on 2 stoke about 36-1/ 38-1 its ment to be 32-1 but i dont think that matters does it dont know if the carb is dirty or whats going on got any ideas i bought the bike 2 days ago and have done nothing to it it was running fine till this happend i do not know if the fuel and air mix was right as when it was ideling turnt off not in gear it kept cutting out so i had to tighten it in quite alot but it did not need tightening before but it did today when i started it up help please this is my first 2 stroke bike??


9/4/2017 3:07 PM

Ok, several things going on here...
1. Old fuel is not good for the engine nor is it good for the carb.
2. The carb should be cleaned and the fuel mix should be dumped and replaced with fresh and mixed correctly..Also reset the float height.
3. You need to do a compression test. I feel like the old fuel mix mat have seized the ring into the piston and thus has lost compression.
4. A bike setting that long may have also hurt the crank seals and thus so much oil coming out.
5. I still can't tell what you were turning.
6. A new spark plug is in order.
7. Get a service manual for your ride.

Paw Paw


9/5/2017 10:58 AM

The compressom feels fine i am going to clean the carb and set the right hieght to see if its that and im going to drain the fuel from the bike and im going to test the spark plug if its not that then its got to be the piston are the crank seal hard to do / check ?thanks for the reply