Help Setting up a Wiseco Fuel programmer

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8/23/2017 3:12 PM

Hey all,

Bought a used '14 RMZ450 that came with a Wiseco Fuel Programmer, and I'm kind of lost at setting it up beyond using stock settings, which don't seem right with the upgrades and conditions:

Full FMF exhaust with Powerbomb header
Hotcams Stage 1
Twin Air filter (but I switch back and forth between this and stock depending on what's clean)

Also riding in Colorado, 50/50 trails track between 5k and 7k feet elevation.

Stock Settings:
Green- 4
Yellow- 4.5
Red- 5
Green/Blue- 4.5
Yellow/Blue- 5
Red/Blue 3.5

I know there's not many people out there with my exact situation, but any help in which direction to head would be great. I figure elevation is the biggest change, so changing red (main jet equivalent) a bit leaner, maybe 4 or 4.5, would be the best change, but i'm worried about leaning it out too much with the exhaust and cams.

Thanks for any help you can give, or if anyone knows a good shop in the Denver area that will help would also be appreciated. Or if you can meet at a track I'll pay you haha. I'm bad at sensing small changes in performance, so I'm pretty much going by sound.