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DuroTools DuroTools
7/25/2018 1:27 PM

So one of my seats is crumbling and I was gonna send the head off to Millenium Tech to get new seats installed (possibly new valve guides) and a cnc valve job but I noticed that Cylinder works came out with a complete head that has new cam caps, new C630 (nickel/aluminum/bronze) valve seats and valve guides and a CNC valve seat job for $360. Seems like a sweet deal and then I can sell my stock head and make at least a couple hundred back but on the other hand I like the idea of letting the pro's cut the valve seats and they will have my valves so they can vacuum test them and make sure it is getting a good seal. I do have a vacuum tester myself or I could do the liquid trick but if it's not making a good seal I'm sure they would do a way better job then I could at correcting the issue and that way I will know I'm getting a head back that is ready to bolt up and ride. Here's a video on the CRF head but mine is a kx250f however you should get an idea of the decent quality. Also below are the details of the head from their Ad.
Any one that has tried these that could give real life feedback would be great but I'll take other opinions on which way I should go as well cause I'm really torn. Thanks


"With each cylinder head you receive the machine matched cam cap(s), C630 valve seats and guides, a competition valve job, shortened valve guides to accept higher lift cams, blended bowls, an un-shrouded combustion chamber, and stock port shapes. This gives you an affordable option to simply get back on track while also including high quality features for building race engines.

These cylinder heads are made in the USA at Cylinder Works facility in Urbandale, Iowa.


C630 valve seats and valve guides compatible with titanium and steel valves
Shortened valve guides to accept higher lift cams
Performance profiling of the valve seats
Blended bowls
Un-shrouded combustion chamber
Stock port shapes
Machine matched cam caps"
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coastlinecascot coastlinecascot
7/26/2018 4:07 PM

Send it to pro 1 heads in az.

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DuroTools DuroTools
7/26/2018 10:51 PM

Thanks for the reply, I checked into them but they were 395 for the new seats, new guides, and a cnc valve job, Millennium was 355. I just figured for the same price (354 through Partzilla) I can get a new head ready to bolt on and sell my old head and probably get 2 hundred for it at least so that would save me two bills over sending it out. Also if I don't need guides it's only 203.95 for new seats and CNC valve job but 270 at Pro1 though I do l hear they have the best valve seats.

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Sethrich89 Sethrich89
11/8/2020 2:49 PM

Hey man did u get that head? How was it? The seats were already cut?

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DuroTools DuroTools
11/9/2020 12:26 AM
Sethrich89 wrote:

Hey man did u get that ...more

I wish I had a short clear cut answer for you but it was kind of a strange situation with alot of questions as to what exactly happened and mistakes on my part but here's the deal; I ended up sending it to Millenium Tech. to get repaired. Then they quoted me more than it was to get the new head from Cylinder works so I had them order it for me from CW because they are a dealer for them. ( they couldn't match Partzilla 's price BTW, $30 more.) after waiting a week or so Millenium said the 1st one they got from them was "trash", something about the seats if I remember correctly and they had to order a replacement, I take that with a grain of salt though because it could have been that they just never ordered it or it was delayed and that was the excuse they gave me to buy more time with me . another possibility was that at the time CW were backordered and maybe they were out of stock so they tried shipping an old customer return that wasn't the new perfect stock. Regardless , only a day or two after telling me that they need to order a replacement, they had shipped the package out because I got the tracking number and saw it in progress so either the new replacement one came in shortly after or possibly CW discounted it to MT and MT cut the seats to fix it. I know I am speculating alot but I am a business owner so I know the things businesses do to make things work for the customer. Regardless the head looked excellent when I received it, They were supposed to do a leakdown test on it but I never got a report, when I tested it myself it was losing a slight amount of compression at the valves on one side but i think that was from the afttermarket valves that I bought because they were stainless steel and the stock ones were sealing perfectly.
if I had to redo I would have stuck to oem titanium on both intake and exhaust sides. I have a video of it on youtube, heres's the link

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Sethrich89 Sethrich89
11/9/2020 8:33 AM

Ok thanks for the help. I guess I'll also order it through them so the seats can get cut before I get it.

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DuroTools DuroTools
11/10/2020 5:58 AM

might be a smart idea if you want to air on the cautious side but they should come cut,. if you send them your valves and parts I think they can install them and do a leak down test too. i think its like an extra 60 bucks for installation and test.

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