HELP!! KX250F Carb Question

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4/26/2020 5:19 PM

HELP! Today while working on a bike in my garage I mistakenly knocked a Keihin carb off of a 2008 KX250f off my workbench and completely demolished the TPS sensor. It’s not salvageable and a new one is over a week away, which I will end up purchasing anyway. But I’ve done a complete overhaul on the motor of this bike and am curious if the TPS Sensor off my 2008 CRF450 will do the trick? The connection to the carb appears identical but the harness clip is obviously different. Will this sensor off my honda work in place of the Kawasaki to see if I can at least make this beast breathe some fire tonight and help me sleep a little better! Thanks for anyone’s help guys! Photo


4/26/2020 7:22 PM

Have you tried to run it without the TPS hooked up? Most carb bike will run ok with out it.

Paw Paw