Front Wheel Resitance

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1/7/2019 3:44 AM

well, had my biggest off so far at the weekend, lost the rear end (don't know how) at the top of third, next thing i know on the floor sliding along for what seemed an eternity, destroyed my handle bars and escaped with just a few aches and bruises. anyway, ive noticed my front wheel has some resistance in it when i spin it by hand, i put a new set of bars on and straightened out he bar mounts, front wheel isnt buckled, isit possible i have twisted the forks? and if so how do i go about un twisting them? thanks


1/7/2019 4:25 AM

I would lossen your front axle, loosen your top triple clamp bolts and your steering stem nut and re align everything.


1/7/2019 7:11 AM

loosen the axle axle pinch bolts upper triple bolts and take it off the stand hold the front brake and push down to compress the suspension
this should get it untwisted may take a few trys

also you may have warped your rotor some how i would check that also


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