Fork dampener valve ID?

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3/11/2018 10:32 PM

I have a 2004 KX125 with factory forks. When I went to change the fork seals the fork dampener valve on the bottom did not match the style in service manual. This is what was on it. I can’t find any forks that have this style dampner valve.

I’m asking cause the adjustment screw on the bottom only turns a few times and does not make an audible click.
Pic below is attached.



3/12/2018 4:56 PM

Ive never seen a setup like that can you post more pics of the forks


3/12/2018 5:11 PM



Livin' the dream, two wheels at a time!

3/12/2018 8:33 PM

m21racing wrote:


That's what I was thinking


3/13/2018 7:20 PM

You don't really have to remove the damper rod to change fork seals on those open chamber forks. I just put SKF seals on my '04 KX125.

From memory:

1. Unscrew the top cap from the outer fork tube and slide the outer tube down.
2. Remove the coil spring by sticking a 19mm wrench on the damper bolt underneath the top cap and unscrewing the top cap.
3. Pour out the oil while pumping the damper rod.
4. Pry off the fork dust seal and remove the spring clip
5. Pull apart the upper and lower fork legs like a slide hammer.
6. Remove old bushings and seals. Install new ones.
7. Use a fork seal driver to drive the lower bushing into the upper leg.
8. Use a fork seal driver to press in the oil seal
9. Install oil seal spring clip.
10. Press dust seal into upper fork leg.
11. Add fork oil slowly and pump the damper rod slowly through its entire travel. Repeat until all air is removed and damping action is smooth and consistent.
12. Install spring and top cap.
13. Screw top cap into upper fork leg.