Fork Oil?

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7/21/2017 3:51 PM

Hey guys, I'm going to change my fork seal on the right fork on my bike and when I do this I'm going to be using an aftermarket oil at the same weight. If I change oil on one side should I take the fork off the other side and change oil as well?


7/21/2017 5:25 PM

I would. Usually for me, if I try and change one seal the other will start pouring the next ride out.

But then again, if the other fork has fresh oil in it and you don't want to change the seal don't waste the time and money.


7/21/2017 5:47 PM

It's a brand new bike so I'm not too worried about the oil and seal on the other side just yet. Thanks!


7/22/2017 3:17 AM

Change the oil in both legs. Then you know you have the same amount in both.