Filling a dry brake line.

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9/18/2017 1:32 PM

I have delt with a few bikes where somebody disconnected the brake line and drained all the fluid out. It's really hard to get fluid flowing through the line again. You can buy a syringe and force it through line that way, but I wanted to share something I tried last night that worked. Hook a 2 ft piece of clear tubing to the bleeder nipple and run the other end into the hose of a shop vac, cup your hand over the vaccume hose to seal off the connection. Fill the master cylinder and turn on the shop vac. It takes about 30 seconds to suck fluid through the line. Next just bleed them like you normally would.


9/18/2017 2:01 PM

Good to know thanks for the tip


9/19/2017 7:08 AM

Sounds like a pretty slick trick - but I have to ask, is this after trying something like a Mitey-Vac but without success?



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9/19/2017 8:06 AM

Harbor freight vacuum bleeder works pretty good for this too lol


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9/19/2017 3:36 PM

Solid pro tip. I have Used the shop vac many times on different occasions. Has always worked in a pinch! But it's a bitch to clean brake fluid from the shop vac hose.