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YamahaJT1 YamahaJT1
1/21/2018 7:21 PM


Have any of you used "Factory Links" brand linkage/swinger bearing kits?

They took a stab on announcement/advertising on Vital in 2015:

My bud sent me this link detailing usage of their kits. Beginning of vid:

Packaging looks stellar... Their site lists actual hardness of sleeves, composition of seals, etc.

Language "feels" like a Chinese outfit. Stuff looks good though.

Crazy shit is that they even offer Beta kits. Some dude on TT had a solid experience with them:

What say you? I'm thinking of giving them a try. No, not a shill or rep.


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YamahaJT1 YamahaJT1
1/21/2018 8:32 PM

My trusted life long bud from the other coast tempted me for my 07' rebuild. He said they were of great quality. I value his opinion... Thusly:

Linkage Bearing Rebuild Kits, Honda CR 125R, 2005-2007, LRK-H-166 × 1 $68.72
Lower Shock Absorber Bearing Kits, Honda CR 125R, 2005-2007, LSA-H-006 × 1 $16.72
Swing Arm Bearing Kits, Honda CR 125R, 2002-2007, SAK-H-341 × 1 $55.84


Free shipping

We shall see. I'll wring his neck if he is wrong wink

I'll be certain to post my experience.


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Tracktor Tracktor
1/21/2018 8:46 PM

Ive used them with decent results one kit didn't come with a couple pieces that other kits do but overall they seem good....

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YamahaJT1 YamahaJT1
1/21/2018 9:00 PM
Tracktor wrote:

Ive used them with decent ...more


Thanks for the info! I wonder why they lack prominence amongst Pivot Works, All Balls, RMATV/Tusk, other mid-line stuff.

My bro says I'll be pleased. I am off on VAC all this week and trust I'll have the parts in hand by Wednesday to fit up. They are just up the road. I'll post pics.


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